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Helping families compare their health insurance, life cover, critical illness and income protection. 

Compare Business Insurance

Our business insurance specialists can give you advice on every commercial product you may need, such as public liability, Share protection, Keyman cover, Professional Indemnity and Corporate protection benefits.

Compare Equity Release

Find out if equity release could be the right choice for you and your family. Speak to our market leading partner to see what options are available.

Compare Insurance Cover

Change Insurer exists to help customers find honest, independant advice that they can depend on. Insurers cannot legally give advice & many brokers are owned by an Insurer, so they can never be truly independent.

You need to speak to a whole of market intemediary who can compare insurance cover & be held accountable for the advice they have given. Change Insurer acts as a market intermediary to connect customers and insurance brokers. Each product type requires a unique specialist who has the most experience in that area of business. In order to get the best result, you need to compare insurance cover with the right adviser for the job.

Private Medical Insurance

Get access to fast diagnosis and the best specialist treatment at a time to suit you, we can help you compare private healthcare for your family or workforce.

Life Insurance

Giving you ultimate reassurance that your loved ones are taken care of when you no longer can. Our team will use our Life Insurance Calculator to find you the best Life Insurance.

Critcal Illness Cover

Pays out a cash lump sum when you are diagnosed with a life-changing condition so you can focus on getting better – We will help you find the best critical illness cover.

Business Insurance

Protecting your business & workforce from the unexpected – Make sure you have the cover you legally require. Our team specialises in Public Liability insurance and professional Indemnity cover. We can get you the best business cover for Staff, Premises, stock, tooling & liability.

Income Protection Insurance

Protect your monthly income if you’re unable to work due to accident, sickness and/or unemployment. Specialising in Self Employed Income Protection. We have experts on hand to find you the best income protection insurance

Equity Release

Helping homeowners to remain in the properties they love, whilst utilizing some of the value tied up in either a lump sum, or monthly income. We have a direct Equity Release Calculator on our product page and consultants on hand to give Equity Release advice.

Change Insurer connects individuals and businesses with specialist advisers in Medical Insurance, Income Protection Insurance, Life Insurance, Commercial Cover, Critical Illness cover and Equity Release.

We do not charge a fee for our service & all the advice that is given will be backed up in writing as standard.

Compare Insurance Cover Online


Qualifying Period

Is there an exclusion period at the start of the policy, how long will you be without cover? If your switching from insurer, be sure to check if you will have any days without cover, also double check you are not duel-insurered as this can pose major issues when claiming.

Compare Insurance Cover

Make sure you shop around the market! be savvy, shop around and get advice. Not all brokers and intermediaries are independant. Some are owned my major insurers or incentivised to only offer a couple of options to customers – this is really unfair!

Underwriting Exclusions & Pre-Existing Medical History

Do you have any special terms of acceptance including exclusions for specific medical issues, activities or circumstances for payout? Even simple physiotherapy or regular medication could cause significant exclusions, make sure the terms of the cover is fully understood and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Do you have to pay an excess, or contribute in the event of a claim? Some excesses are also paid per claim, some are per policy year. Some insurer’s will also class one individual claim that happens over two ‘policy years’ as two separate claims so excess can be due twice – double check the small print.

Are the Premiums Fixed

Do they track the base rate, do they increase with age/each year/when claiming? Make sure to calculate the increase in policy cost for making a claim against the value of the claim. Quite often, claiming for a consultation with a specialist will hike up your renewal price more than the cost of paying for the appointment yourself.

Policy Expiry Date

When will cover finish? Some health, life and critical illness policies have ceiling limits to the age of membership, this can leave you in a difficult position as you are stastically more likely to make major claims during the later years of life.

What Are You Actually Covered For?

Do you understand the treatment/conditions/circumstances can you claim for? Some insurance policies will be underwritten and may have general or specific exclusions. In some situations, your occupation may also invalidate certain aspects of cover, so be sure to shop around and find the best option for your individual circumstances. Make sure you are completely honest with your broker and disclose all medical history so they can find you the right policy.

Annual Premium Cost

Are you paying too much for your cover? if you haven’t shopped around for a better price in the last 3 years you are most likely paying over the odds. In some cases we have found customers paying as much as 4 times more than they should be, wasting thousands of pounds each year.

Members on Cover

Do you have everyone that you want to cover on the policy? Are any of the members covered also on schemes elsewhere? have you looked at setting up children on their own plans?

Insurance T&C’s

Have you read any small print? If in doubt, ask your consultant who can legally give you advice. You can also ask a family member to check over all the dull but important details.

Trusted Insurance Provider

Have you checked any independent review organisations or researched user feedback?

It may also be worth contacting https://www.fca.org.uk/ if you are concerned about your current Insurer or Broker

Independant Insurance Advice

Have you recieved up to date advice from a specialist, to make sure you have the best policy for your personal circumstances? Are they legally able to give advice? do they offer whole of market services and will they issue advice in writing?

Do Not Just Accept Your Renewal Notice

‘Auto-renew’ is sold to us by Insurers as a hassle-free solution to manage your various policies. However, they are able to sneak increases into your renewal invitations without some customers reading the documentation.

Check the cost of your premium last year, has it gone up? chances are you are here because the answer is YES.

Make sure to compare the benefits of any new policy that you consider. These days, new policies can actually give you access to additional options, normally reserved for new customers.

Change Insurer can give you a quick indication on the competitiveness of your Insurance cover.

Unlike other comparison sites, we only work with Brokers and Independant financial advisers that can offer a true ‘whole of market’ comparison.

Why Should I Change Insurer?


Annual Increases in Premium

With most types of Insurance, annual increases are something customers are familiar with. Each year, in line with inflation, the cost of providing cover will likely rise. On top of this, if you insurance product does not come with fixed repayments, it’s calculated on the risk or exposure you pose to the Insurer – yes, you are getting older and therefore statistically more likely to cost them money.

New Innovative Health Insurance Cover

Each Year, Insurers try to out-do each other by offering new types of cover, upgraded benefits and extended protection. More recently, several providers have increased their cancer cover in line with NICE guidelines, access to consultants and occupational therapists. Some new policies offer penalty-free claims for initial consultations and minor diagnostics – this is a great option as these are the most claimed for element of Private Medical Insurance plans.

Underwriting Exclusions & Pre-Existing Medical History

If your health has recently improved, you may be better to have your policy re-underwritten or set up on a new moratorium. Pre-existing history will likely cause permenant exclusions on a multitude of product types, so if you are clear of symptoms, treatment or advice for a number of years it may be possible to get that exclusion removed, often by changing insurer.

IPT Raises

In the current Budget, IPT (Insurance Premium Tax) raised from 10 to 12% The impact on policy pricing has been felt by customers across the UK, with many opting to cancel their cover alltogether – it’s far better to shop around and get a better deal.

Considering Cancelling the Cover?

Unfortunately, many customers are pushed to breaking point financially and decide to pack in the cover completely. Normally, when premiums are caculated based on risk, it’s the over 50’s who will suffer. Many insurance products double or even triple in cost when you get to retirement and this is just the time when you are more likely to need the cover.

Save Money and Compare Insurance Cover

Most customers who are eligable to switch insurance providers are able to save a significant amount of money, with no loss in cover. In some situations, customers have been able to save thousands of pounds per year by moving away from very old over-priced policies. So speak to one of our advisers now and let them talk you through all available options.

Who Can Change Insurer?

Most Insurance policies will allow you to leave mid-term, most without penalty. Occasionally if you pay for cover annually you may no be able to cancel until the cover renews at the end of the scheduled year. Our advisers will be familiar with most terms and conditions, so they will be able to give you an indication if you are able to switch cover.

We cover the whole of the United Kingdom, giving advice to individuals and businesses of any size. We specialise in private medical insurance, family cash plans, income protection, critical illness, life insurance, equity release and every business insurance product you could ever need.

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Medical Insurance Providers

Life Insurance Providers

Business Insurance Providers

Change Insurer only works with Individual Brokers and Intermediaries. This means that you will get honest, impartial advice on the whole market – rather than just a reduced panel of ‘selected partners’.

Our Advisers are not owned or tied to an Insurer/Provider, unlike many other comparison sites and intermediaries currently available.

Change Insurance Testimonials

“By changing our business insurance provider, we were able to offer our employees private medical, dental and death in service life cover at no additional cost.

Thanks for putting me in touch with a great Broker – We will be back when our professional Indemnity cover is up for renewal – Thankyou”.

Mr Raspinall

Managing director, Adtech

“By Switching to an alternative life insurer, I was able to save over £900 annually and actually increase the amount of benefit available to my estate.
What’s more, i was able to have an exclusion removed due to improved health at the new point of underwriting”.

M Wilkinson


“My parent’s Medical Insurance Policy had come up for renewal and the increase was over 40%.
They were considering cancelling, however we were able to compare insurance cover with an alternative provider and stay in the market. We are also now looking at equity release on their property – so far, so good”.

S Willis

Daughter of Mr & Mrs Willis

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Change Insurer acts as an Introducer only. We do not give any advice or recommendations. We will share your enquiry with a independent specialist who is able to give you a whole of market, unbiased appraisal. We will choose the specialist that we believe can give you the best advice based on your enquiry. All advice issued by them will be backed up in writing along with your quotations & full disclosure documentation.

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